Proven components ensure high quality and dependability.

Designed for all sizes of manufactured housing applications - fits easily in an enclosed closet or alcove.

Multi-speed blowers increase air movement to circulate heat in a large, multi-section home.

Appliance finish protects against rust and other corrosion.

All units and each component are tested on the manufacturing line to ensure quality.

E4 High Efficiency Electric Furnaces

The manufactured home can be the smart choice for many buyers. Another smart choice is making sure that the furnace you have installed in your home was designed specifically for use in manufactured homes. A Broan electric furnace offers just that high-efficiency performance designed for use in your manufactured home.

Broan heating and air conditioning products offer dependability backed by our check, check and recheck manufacturing process. Demand Flow Technology (or DFT) involves checking each and every unit that comes out of a Broan factory other manufactures may only test products at random. Not only that, but we eliminate human error in the final analysis of product quality through 100% computer-automated testing. We are the only heating and air conditioning manufacturer to be DFT certified.

Ask your Broan HVAC expert to pair your electric furnace with a digital thermostat and other manufacture home accessories. Broan offers product quality that you can be comfortable with a comfort you can feel.


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