Permanently lubricated motor delivers long-lasting durability and quiet operation.

Composite base pan absorbs sound and is corrosion resistant. Composite is also stronger and lighter than steel.

Unique top designed for maximum airflow and quiet operation.

Built using galvanized steel with a polyester urethane coat finish. The 950-hour salt spray finish resists corrosion and provides excellent protection against weathering and abrasion.

Utilizes environmentally friendly
R-410A refrigerant.

Meets HUD requirements.

Heat pump model also includes:

Time/temperature defrost feature offers flexibility to meet any type of climate.

Muffler reduces noises inside and out for efficient, quiet operation.



JS4QD/JS4BD Air Conditioners (available only in Northern climates)
13 SEER/8.0 HSPF/R-410A
1.5 - 5 Ton Capacity

JS4QE/JS4BE High Efficiency Air Conditioners
JT4QE/JT4BE High Efficiency Heat Pumps
14 SEER / 8.0 HSPF / R-410A
1.5 5 Ton Capcity

While there are many air conditioners and heat pumps to choose from, there are few that are specifically designed and tested for use in manufactured homes. When you choose a Broan split-system air conditioner or heat pump you can enjoy maximum efficiency and system dependability designed specifically for use in your manufactured home. A Broan split unit paired with a digital thermostat and other manufactured home accessories allows you to enjoy premium home comfort levels.

No other heating and cooling manufacturer compares to Broan when it comes to product quality. Our manufacturing process, known as Demand Flow Technology, ensures that your split system is fully-tested during the manufacturing process. In fact while other manufacturers test their products at random, we use 100% computer-automated testing on every Broan product to eliminate human error in the final analysis of product quality. We are the only heating and cooling manufacturer to be DFT certified.

Its a comfort to know that a Broan split system is made specifically for your manufactured home, and its a comfort you can feel.

Split System Matched Indoor Units

A split system means that the air conditioner or heat pump (outdoor section) requires a matched indoor section, which
is a coil and blower device such as an air handler or furnace. Broan coils are matched with Broan products for maximum efficiency.


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